Sunday, September 19, 2010

Put Me In Coach!

Another weekend sans Mama - this would be the fourth in a row (I think) but good news is that next weekend is the end of "festival season" so we should get her back for a while after that. We went to our Thea Ilianna's soccer game yesterday, and as you can see from the picture Genevieve is already trying to work her way in to the line up.

The girls have been tremendous (shocker) all weekend long, and they were especially super troopers yesterday. We got up earlier than normal from our morning nap so we could make the 12:30 game. Then after that we went to Costco (needed cat food and dog flea meds) and Home Depot before getting back home well beyond nap time. But they hung in there and didn't complain at all. Costco was fun because it was Saturday rush hour there and not single person stopped me. I could hear them talking about me but usually (and maybe it's cause Gina is there) they come up and stop you to ask questions or peek at the girls. Maybe I just looked like a dad on a mission and they didn't want to get in my way. I did hear one guy, on the way out, say to his wife "he's here by himself with two! I'm not sure I could do it with one." To which his wife responded "I know you couldn't do it with one." I wanted to turn around and shout "You can do it man! You could do anything with the right attitude." And it got me to thinking (I know, dangerous) that's the biggest problem people have. They tell themselves it's too hard or outside of their realm of possibility, but the truth is if you go in with the mindset that you can do anything, you almost really can. Almost is an important word, though, cause despite the mindset I'm pretty sure I can't jump a car over the Grand Canyon or build a rocket to the moon. Although blowing myself up would count as almost making it there. Home Depot was far less interesting. Turns out guys looking for channel ox and metric nuts aren't interested in babies, no matter how many of them their are. Check out girl was a different story, but that just pissed off the line of metric nut aficionados behind me.

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