Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grandma's Day Off

So with Gina still on her way home from Arizona yesterday, as mentioned previously, Grandma took the day off of work to watch the girls for me during so I could go to work. Little did Grandma know that my sister's babysitter would call in sick so her two kids to watch would quickly become four. Somehow, she managed it brilliantly, balancing naps, lunches and poopy diapers for four children under the age of 3 (and three of those under the age of 1). When I came to pick them up, three of the four were still in afternoon naps and only Caelyn, the youngest, was awake, lying on her play mat giggling to herself. So big time kudos to Grandma. I don't think even she knew she had it in her. When I asked her if she was ready to do it full time, however, she quickly said she needed a while to think about it. I figure "a while" to mean 4 to 5 years. After picking them up we rushed home so we could eat, bath and be ready for Momma when she walked in the door - and we timed it perfectly, just latching the last diaper on as she came in - though in the excitement said diapers struggled to stay on the naked babies. The girls were ecstatic!! Well, Genevieve was ecstatic. Arianna took a couple minutes to forgive Momma before she went berserk as well. I swear, watching them looked like they were trying to merge into her body and become one being with her, Genevieve's face smashing in to Gina's abdomen while Arianna nestled in to her armpit. After a couple of minutes, though, they came over and gave me a quick, little love so I didn't feel totally forgotten about before bounding back over to Gina. Can't really blame them, though. As we know, Dad's can be great, but they're not Momma, no matter how hard they try. It's like sugar free gum, diet soda and soy milk. You can survive just fine with those things, but in the back of your mind you wish you had the real "bad for you" stuff. Good news girls, the real thing is back! Now I'll just head on over and take my place on the "consolation prize" shelf until the next time you need me. ;)

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