Friday, September 17, 2010


As big a movie fan/historian as I am, I couldn't place the song "Animal Crackers" as Gina was singing it last night while making dinner. Shocked at such a travesty, Gina had to pull up the clip on YouTube and make me watch Shirley Temple sing the song from the movie Curly Top. While watching this clip I couldn't see anything else but Genevieve on the screen. A while back I made the claim the Arianna looked like the Gerber baby. ... well I now think I know what people see in Genevieve. Look at the picture below and tell me I'm lying. I don't have anything current, this is from a few months ago, but now she even looks more like The Little Princess actress then in this pic.

Look at the eyes, the doll like lips and the slight cheeks that give way to the chin. It's crazy to me! They looks so close. Of course it could be my imagination, you tell me. I've had that damn Animal Crackers "in my soup" song stuck in my head all morning and it may be driving me slightly insane.

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