Friday, September 17, 2010

For The Love of Bed Time

When, exactly, is the point in life where your view of bed time changes? I know there's a moment some where suddenly the flip switches, I just can't recall when. The girls are great sleepers now - of course I'm probably jinxing it with a comment like this - and they even go to sleep some what smoothly. Last night they only cried for about 3 minutes after we put them down before passing out. But before bed, as soon as we started getting ready, Arianna started crying and whining, like she knew it was coming. One moment she's playing happily, laughing with her sister, suddenly jammies come out and the water works spring from her eyes like geysers in Yellowstone. I'm sure I was that way when I was a kid, in fact I know I was. I remember faking that I had to go to the bathroom because I could crack the door a little and still see the TV. But now, I spend most of the evening waiting for bed time to come on, dreaming about dreaming. As soon as Gina is ready to move that direction I get a little giddy inside. Climbing in to bed is like jumping in the pool on the first day of summer; dive in, belly flop, cannon ball - who cares, what ever gets me in faster! But the girls just hate it. I suppose it's because they still think there's so much to do and see. The thought of closing their eyes and missing something is horrid. I just don't get it. Someday, I know they'll see my point of view. I'm going to try and take note of exactly when that day is. Pinpoint the moment the switch flips. Of course, maybe that's a sad day. Maybe the moment that flip switches is the moment the move from child to adult because, that's when the world is suddenly not as interesting to them. There's nothing amazing any more when they'd rather close their eyes then fight the exhaustion to absorb the wonder that's all around them. Great. Now I've depressed myself. I've identified myself as a boring old man who doesn't see the wonder in the world around him. That's it. I'm gonna go find myself some damn wonder to absorb and keep me awake at night! Why do I have a feeling this is just going to make me more tired?

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