Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Piggies are Too Big for this Blanket

The alternative post was originally going to be I Scream and tell you all about Rosaline's melt down at the Chic-fil-a when Gina took her ice cream cone away briefly to wipe her face.  Bordered on comical.  Ok, securely resided in comical.  Anyway, that was trumped around 2:30 this morning when we were awoken by a strange sound (in a house with two toddles, a baby, a dog, two cats and a crazy neighbor "strange" is a broad term).  We both sat up and could tell by the hall light that Genevieve was sleeping, face down, in our doorway.  There's that brief moment when the parenting mindset hasn't woken up and joined you yet, where you briefly digest just letting her stay put.  Very brief moment.  Ok. ... maybe not as brief as it should have been.  Anyway, Gina got up to put her back to bed and she was mumbling that her feet were stuck in her jammies.  Well, she was wearing footie pajamas (because there's only a brief moment in one's life when they can pull this look off, so might as well take advantage of it) and, it seems that her feet are now too big and the footie was pinching her toes.  She's three by the way.  These were a size 5.  And the feet were too small. ... just sayin'.  I guess it's pants that stop at the ankle for her from this point on.  That and we'll be shopping for heels in West Hollywood.  Just, sayin', I know a place.

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