Monday, February 25, 2013

Me and My Multiple Personalities

Gina had her first out of town festival of the weekend so I got to spend the weekend with my three favorite people.  Me, Myself and I.  No, I was not alone, but I might as well have been.  I think one of the amazing things about parenthood is watching these personalities blossom (although I can also argue that they've been pretty much exactly the same from their moment of birth - Arianna screaming, Genevieve sleeping, Rosaline patiently waiting for further instructions).  The other amazing thing is watching how much like you they start to become.  It's almost like you're just hanging out with your own multiple personalities. ... although not as dramatic as Identity.  Consumed by rules, then willing to break them when they're sure they won't be caught.  True cinematic connoisseurs.  Great arguers for having cookies at breakfast.  Always curious about what tomorrow might hold.  Cautious in the aftermath of recklessness.  Confident, but insecure for show.  Independent, but never wanting to be alone. Sneaky. ... or at least under the belief that they are.  Hungry; for food, knowledge, love, respect, admiration.  Protective of each other in the way that a bomb is protective; used on the enemy it's a great tool, kick it to many times in the warehouse and you're going to have a problem yourself.  Determined.  Resilient.  Hopeful.  Sometimes I feel I can just sit and watch them for hours.  Listen to their jabberwaky conversations with ease.  Cuddle with them all in a dog pile on the couch until the sun cycles back over to the east.  Of course there's bath time. ... god knows if Mama comes home and they smell like the feet of a dairy cow I'll be the one that pays.

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