Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Whisper in the Dark

The other night I made my rounds to tuck everyone in after locking up.  Cozied the twins up with their comforters on this unusually cold California night.  Karma took her place and I closed the door but a crack and moved in to Rosaline's room.  The girls get a fair amount of night time light from the street, but Rosaline's room sits in an area that's some how void of natural light.  You walk into her room past sundown and it's extremely dark.  So I crept over to her crib and bent over, pausing a little while to allow my eyes to better adjust before I blindly started fumbling over her and her blankets.  I started to make out the outline of her body when suddenly, I felt a soft push of air o my right ear.  It's one of those moments where the hair stands up on your neck because you weren't expecting what ever this might be.  I slowly cocked my head to the right to investigate and found myself half an inch and face to face with Rosaline, a slight smile behind her pacifier.  She had been awake and standing the entire time I was in the room, but like a lion in the dark had remained still and silent allowing my unadjusted eyes to completely miss her form.  I'll admit it almost gave me a mini heart attack for a brief moment.  My mind had been deceived into expecting the baby asleep and my eyes went with that suggesting, confirming that I saw her.  So suddenly there's this other face right next to mine. ... I imagined one of those Paranormal movies I refuse to see.  Oh kids. .... they certainly keep things exciting.

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