Monday, February 11, 2013

A Shepherd Waching Over her Flock

Sorry once again that it's been a while.  Gina's been on me to blog, a lot lately. ... which is weird because she lives in the house so you'd think she was in the "know" as far as what goes on around her.  Oh well, guess it's up to me to keep her posted.  I was looking for inspiration to blog last week and found it on Wednesday when Rosaline projectile vomited 10 minutes into our 40 minute car ride home. ... that was awesome, making the girls stand in a gas station parking lot in their jammies (get home on Wednesdays a little after bed time) in the cold while I try and clean up the explosion with all of 4 wipies left in the case.  But I got a little busy and that story is old news.  I got inspiration, albeit a little less colorful. ... and not as chunky, last night as I closed up shop for the night.  I locked the downstairs doors, set the alarm, got ready for bed myself and then went to check on the girls.  As I walked across the upstairs living room I saw a sight that has become warningly familiar these past few weeks: Karma, waiting patiently for the girls door to open.  As I gently turned the knob, she softly pushed through the opening and took her place at the side of the girls beds.  Every night she chooses a different bed, but it's always length-wise between the bed and the door.  She doesn't stay there all night, she migrates from place to place, but this is how she starts out the night; watching over her pups.  She's a shepherd by breed (Australian) and she shows it in her play, rounding up dogs and children in to tight circles and then pushing them in the direction she wants them to go.  But her job isn't done at that.  There's also the night watch.  I take comfort in knowing that we have an extra pair of eyes, and extra pair of ears and a great, big, extra heart around to make sure our children are always looked after, no matter what hour of the day or night.

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