Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Siblings love each other.  They also hate each other.  It's science, so you just kind of have to accept it.  There is no one more supportive, protective and invested in you during your childhood as your sibling.  They don't want to see anyone hurt you, best you or deter you. ... unless, of course, it's them.  Yesterday when I got home, I pulled in the driveway just as the rest of the clan was coming out on their bikes.  Disney Princess training wheels, princess helmets. ... even a handlebar seat for their princess dolls.  Before I could even take my tie off they where charging up the street as fast as their little knees could pump, Rosaline waddling as fast as she could behind.  As we made our way around the first corner something else started to happen.  You see biking is fun. ... but it's also a sport, and these girls started to channel their inner "non" doping Tour de France competitors. ... which I believe ones in the back of the pack.  There's a part of you, as a parent, who wants to scold them for trying to dominate their sister, to tell them it's all fun and not about competition.  But then you see Arianna execute a perfect draft and sling shot maneuver to pass her sister on the outside, then whip around a tether ball set in someones driveway for the lead, head low and elbows in to avoid the drag resistance. ... well. ... you keep your mouth shut and you wipe that tear from your eye before anyone sees it.

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