Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why Old Men Go Deaf

Took the girls on a walk when I got home last night; nothing unusual but we went around a different block then normal.  The girls were all wound up and they ran ahead, pushing their little toy umbrella strollers and crashing in to one another like NASCAR drivers down the stretch while the baby dolls strapped in clung desperately for their lives.  Rubbin's racin', right?!  Well, for some reason or another they decided this was a perfect time for a screaming match.  As they pulled further and further in front of me, they got louder and louder in an attempt to out do one another.  I'm a stickler on indoor screaming. ... not a fan.  But outdoors, in the afternoon before the sun's gone down. ... what the heck, right?  As I lumber along behind them, like a civilian car cautiously keeping distance behind the sirens of the ambulance that just past by, this woman in one of the houses shuffles out in her house shoes to see what the commotion is about.  I sigh, expecting to get some kind of stink eye or lecture for allowing my children to behave like banshee's on crack, but instead she yells out to me "I have two of those myself, you know.  And this never stops.  Mine are adults and they still scream like crazy; especially when they're in the same room."  I chuckle and lament "So there's no hope for me, huh?"  Without missing a beat she responds "Nope - that's why old men go deaf."

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