Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pack Animals

There's an old Bulgarian saying that translates "if you call one wolf, you invite the pack."  It's meant to be a warning.  On it's surface, don't try and deal with a lone wolf because the others will soon follow.  But it's also a metaphor; don't mess with a pack animal because you'll quickly be out numbered.  Guess what?  Twins are pack animals.  The girls all went to the beach the other day to relish our short lived Southern California spring before it becomes the full blown summer and the beaches are packed.  The rule of the beach is that all toys brought by other kids are fair game for usage unless the other child communicates a desire to horde his or her toys to themselves.  The girls know this rule.  They share their toys and they share other kids toys.  If the other children ask for them back the girls abide.  Likewise, they know if they want their toys back they've got to express this nicely.  Well this particular time a little boy, a year or two older then the girls, wasn't so good in the communication department.  Rather than ask Arianna to refrain from using his sand toys, he simply stood off to the side and worked himself in to a fit.  Finally it was too much and he started yelling at Arianna, who couldn't figure out what this crazy little boy was screaming about so she just stared at him blankly.  His rage spilled over and he finally pushed Arianna down.  Now most parents would spring into action and come to the defense of their toddler. ... but Gina didn't have a chance.  Before she could make a move Genevieve comes running over to the scene and puts herself between her sister and her attacker.  She pushes the boy back and then puts her hand out in a "stop" signal and yells "No little boy; you don't push my Sissie!"  Confronted with the bigger of the two and now outnumbered the little boy turns and runs away crying.  Arianna gets up, hugs her sister and says "Thank you Sissie."  This is the love that's there.  In all the chaos, this is the heart of it. They love each other.  They protect each other.  They're pack animals.  So be warned little boys: if you call one wolf, you invite the pack.


  1. Genevieve is a hero. We've seen hints of things like this with our girls. The pack also means you'll always have someone in your corner. I'm sure it's comforting to know that Genevieve and Arianna will always have each others backs.

  2. We have twin girls and a baby girl too. Your blog is cute :)