Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"60" is the New "Grandma"

I wondered long ago what my 500th post would look like.  Would there be a party?  A red carpet?  Would the news outlets of the world run something on their front page?  Their back page?  Their Tuesday Evening Edition?  It's fitting that this post be about something big; something important; something meaningful.  Well Sunday my mom turned 60. ... and that's pretty damn big in my book.  Add to it that in celebration she rented a house on Catalina (an island off our coast for you non-Californian readers) and had all of us come party with her for the long weekend.  Now my mom is a very special person - as most mothers are - and the greatest contributing factor to the man I am today.  I've modeled myself, as best I could, on her.  I've looked at the world through the same eyes that I believe she does.  When I grow up. ... I want to be my mom.  That being said, I want my children to learn the same lessons that I have, through the master directly.  I try and instill my outlook on life through her lessons; but a weekend retreat where they have full exposure to the one who taught me. .. pretty freakin' sweet.  So here are the kinds of things my mother taught me, which I hope my girls learn as well.

Make sure you stand out from those around you.

Golf when you get the chance.  If you're a lefty, swing left.  If you're terrible ... just laugh.

Let your kids decide where to go; even if they're holding the map upside down.

1) enjoy simple things like a nap
2) but never let a napping adult go unharrassed.

look at life with unique perspectives

never pass an ice cream shop

laugh into the face of the screaming wind, so those behind you can hear you

stay close

never walk single file when you can walk holding hands

sometimes the balcony seats are better then the front row

 & the hard way is often the most rewarding.

To my mother: You are the blessing I never earned.  I never had to convince you to love me.  I never had to apologize for mistakes I made.  I never worry about falling on my ass because I never doubted you would be there to catch me.  My courage came from your strength.  My intelligence from your wisdom.  My compassion for your selflessness.  My hope from your unwavering positivity.  My love from your shoreless ocean of love.  30, 40, 60 or 90 - you're my mom; an ageless entity who I will always look up to and whom my children will learn the same valuable lessons from.  I couldn't have asked for a better mother and I'm fairly certain that God couldn't have designed a better one anyway.  Happy Birthday. ... and thank you.

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