Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tattle tail

I'm always amazed when people try to keep secrets from their spouse - especially when they have children.  Children will rat you out the first chance they get; they don't even need to be interrogated.  And if they aren't there to witness your dark secret first hand, you can be damn certain they'll find out about it somehow. ... and THEN they'll rat you out.  I got the below text this morning as proof:
Let me start by saying I'm not dumb enough to try and keep something like this from my wife.  I'm terrible with secrets and this would be my first ever traffic ticket (15 years of driving and only pulled over once. ... talked my way out of that; surprise surprise) so chances are I would not handle it well.  But I didn't get a ticket.  This is what happened.  I was taking the girls home from the Greek Festival on Saturday and Arianna was being difficult when I was buckling her in.  She told me she didn't want to be buckled and I told her it was against the law not to.  I told her that Daddy has to wear a seat belt and so does she; if we don't then the police man would give us a ticket.  This notion of the police man and his tickets really hit a nerve with Geneveive and she kept asking "why" over and over.  "Police man mean?"  "No, he just wants us to be safe."  "Why he give you ticket Daddy?"  "Because he wants to make sure we follow the rules."  "Rules to wear zoni (belt)?"  "Yes, the rules that say we have to wear a zoni." 

That was it.  That was the incident.  And you can bet your ass the first mention of a policeman this morning and Genevieve blurts out that Daddy got a ticket from a police man after the carnival.

This is why I don't take the girls with me when shopping for presents.  Learn to talk and they instantly become blabber mouths.

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