Wednesday, April 11, 2012


For all the attention given to mom's purse, I think the pockets of dads go slightly under appreciated.  After all, you can just as easily identify a man with kids by his pocket as you can a woman with kids by her hand bag.  Yesterday, I got home and realized I'd carried about 13 Dora stickers in my back packet all day.  I changed in to shorts and took the girls on a walk, during which no less then 43 "spiky balls from the tree" were put in my pockets for storage.  I had 4 mutilated dandelions and one rock also entered for safe keeping.  After cleaning out the nature, I also discovered 3 hairbands in one of the pockets.  They'd been there for who knows how long.  Aside from keys, wallet a cell phone, a childless man might have the following in his pocket:
Lakers tickets
backstage passes
"digits" from the waitress last night
winning lotto ticket
lucky Vegas coin
coat check receipt
foul ball (assuming he wore large pants to the game)
gum - unchewed (this is key)
golf ball marker
oh, and money

Again, compare this to me:
Dora stickers
"spiky" balls
and for the record, no money. ... not even a penny.

See.  It's pretty easy to spot a dad.  Just examine his pockets.  Oh, and if he's got nothing (indicated by the turned out pocket liners and an "oh gee" expression), he's married and expecting a child.  Don't worry friend, those pockets will get filled in no time.  Oh my, will they ever.

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