Monday, April 2, 2012

Momma Mia!

Here I go again.  My, my; how could I resist you?  Gina and I got a grown up date night last night; we went to see Momma Mia up in Hollywood.  After reminding myself why I hate LA so much (1 hour and 10 minutes to go 20 miles because a couch was blocking 2 of the 3 lanes on the 101 through downtown), we finally made it in just enough time for appetizers and a drink before curtain call.  Now, we've seen this show a couple times, and the movie a couple more, so it's like this was a totally new experience for us. ... but at the same time it was.  You see, we've not seen it since the kids were born.  My, my. ... that changes things.  The whole story (and mind you this is not exactly Tennessee Williams in it's book - it's more like an excuse of a story line to tie to as many ABBA songs as possible in 2 and half hours - but if you acknowledge it for what it is and what it wanted to be then it's very good) revolves around a 20 year old getting married and not sure who her real dad is.  So pre-children I was singing along with Dancing Queen and wondering where we could grab a drink after this whole thing.   Now. ... now I'm all teary eyed at the wedding scene and having an internal conversation with my future son-in-laws about how, if they ever harm my daughters in anyway, I'll end them and make sure no one finds their bodies.  All I could see in that white dress was my three little girls, all individually, yet all at the same time - which makes me wonder if I can get all three married in one event and save myself a fortune. ... probably not.  Anyway, it's just one more way that children alter your perception of the world around you.  Nothing is the same after they come along - there's so much more meaning in the world, in life. ... in love.  Even in ABBA.

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