Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good Dog

Arianna is fighting some sort of bug.  Just before I got home last night she threw up all over Gina and then just sunk into the couch in misery for the rest of the night, plastic red bucket clutched tightly on her lap.  At one point she hit 102 on the thermometer, but by bed time she was drastically cooler.  Still, it was not her best night.  When I went to bed around 11, I thought it weird that the dog came up to my side of the bed and started whining.  She had just gone out to pee, and it was raining pretty hard so I know she wasn't in a rush to do that again.  None the less, I've learned my lessons, so I got up and followed her.  But instead of going right toward the back door, she turned left, nosing right up to the girls bedroom door.  Inside I could Arianna moaning and flopping around so I went in to check on her.  Sure enough, she was awake and trying to get comfortable - she'd twisted herself all up in her blankets and was not pleased with things.  I reorganized life, she asked for some water so I obliged, and she went back to sleep.  I left the room and there was the dog, curled up on her living room bed (dog has beds everywhere) and fast asleep.  That's what you want from your dog; a second set of eyes who put you and your family above all else.  And that's why nobody makes movies about the family cat.

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