Monday, April 9, 2012

Big Brother Down

The "eye in the sky" officially came down yesterday.  Our video surveillance of the girls is complete. ... at least as far as sleeping toddlers are concerned (first dates and college are open ended).  I know there are a lot of people who couldn't comprehend talking such equipment out of the rotation. ... just about as many who couldn't fathom putting a camera in their room to begin with.  But it's not necessary any more. ... and it was when we first put it in.  The girls have been in big kid beds since August (nearly 8 months) so there's no concern anymore about them "having issues" with that.  They've also shown a continued pattern of coming to get us when they need us and when they do choose to scream instead. ... well, we found we can hear them quite well.  Biggest reason of all is that stupid monitor has never had a clear signal (not sure if it's the metal beams in the house or if it's just too far away) and I couldn't be more then thrilled to be rid of the cackling static that constantly popped through the night.  Truth is it had to come down eventually anyway.  There's bound to be a line where a video monitor in your child's room is inappropriate.  That may be 13, it may be 9, it may be 5.  I'm not really sure (though I would probably realize it about 3 years after it crossed the line and none of my daughters were talking to me any more).  But it doesn't matter.  It's purpose is served and it's not necessary anymore, so why push it to the brink of appropriateness.  Part of growing up is letting the reigns go a little.  Just a little.

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