Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Um. ... I may be crushing on Elmo.

You remember that brief period in high school where you hung around your best friend and their girlfriend/boyfriend almost all the time, and eventually found yourself beginning to have feelings for the significant other?  It was weird, right?  Cause you didn't like them before they started dating and you can't even pinpoint what it is you like about them now. ... but it's like you can't help but have this weird attraction going on.  Almost like you're tapping in to your besties emotional state and starting to superimpose it in to your own.  Anyway, I have this sickening feeling that I'm starting to develop some kind of man crush on Elmo.  I can't stand the narcissistic little bugger, but the girls birthday is coming up next month and "we're" planning an Elmo party (meaning Gina is planning an Elmo party and my idea's are being put in the suggestion box. ... i.e. the "good try, but no" box).  So I'm suddenly on Team Elmo and gettign a little obsessed trying to think of things that'll make this party awesome.  I've got these giant Elmo dolls (like 42" tall) I bought for them (although one had to come from North Carolina and I'm starting to see why the USPS is going bankrupt), I've thought about Elmo bounce houses and those Elmo cupcakes that look like that faces.  There's Elmo puppets, plates and party favors. ... I've also begun searching for a giant, mascot style Elmo costume under the presumption that I'll dress up and entertain the kiddies for an hour or so.  I've line one up - $75 for the day - but I'm getting some resistance from. ...well. ... pretty much everybody.  They seem to think that if a 6''3" Elmo comes bounding through the door I'm going to scar my children for the rest of their lives.  My thinking is, if they love the 3 foot Elmo on TV, why wouldn't they love one that's twice the size?!  It's like going to the fair - if you love a foot long hot dog, why not a 2 foot hot dog?!  You like horses, how about Godzilla the horse - who's 3 times bigger then most!  Love to go on the swings?  Here's a swing that's 15 stories tall!!!!  See my point?  People love bigger versions of their favorite things.  I think it's a go!  Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?  Is an Elmo the size an NBA point guard disturbing, or is the old adage true: bigger is better?  Also, is my little man crush unhealthy, and will it eventually go away?  I don't want to get to the point where I'm imagining us on some tropical beach sipping mai tai's and holding hands in parallel chaise lounge chairs while the tide comes in around us.

option a)

option b)


  1. My older daughter couldn't get enough of the life-sized characters. However, my younger daughter was terrified of all life-sized characters until she was 5 or 6. I found out about this fear when we were at chuck e. cheese. Then when we went to sesame place she practically had a heart attack when big bird said hello to her. Some kids are horrified by the life-sized characters, no matter how much they love watching them on tv... Good luck with what ever you decided. And yes, by you, I mean Gina, lol.

  2. That depends... will you be carrying a bunch of balloons?

  3. I think life sized elmo is a go... as long as there are pictures posted here afterwards ;)