Monday, September 12, 2011


There wasn't much to blog about yesterday.  Pretty much everyone had the same thing to write, just a different vantage point or memory.  Even just saying the words 9-11 out loud, transports those of us that were alive that day to a vivid memory of what we were doing or where we were when the news hit us.  It was was one of the most somber days I can ever remember.  It was the entire nation, mourning all together at once.  But then September 12th came the next day, and something amazing happened; life went on.  The world didn't end that day.  The terrorists didn't win.  In the decade since I've graduated college.  I've married a wonderful woman.  I've worked a job.  I've had children born and others conceived.  Even more amazing; I've had worse days then that one.  When we found out we were losing our first daughter. ... that was a worse day.  So you see, the world kept spinning - and more days like September 12th followed.  It is great that we make sure never to forget those lost and the vulnerability that we really have (a misconception to Americans for quite some time that was brutally shattered that day), but it's a greater memoriam for them that we continue to live.  Yesterday I didn't read a news paper.  I didn't attend a service or watch a speech on TV.  I took my daughters to the fair.  I looked at cows and ponies, even a shark exhibit.  I enjoyed a beautiful sunny day with them.  That's how I commemorated the day.  With life.


  1. We now celebrate each 9/11 as that is our twins birthday.

  2. And what a perfect way to commemorate it!