Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If the Moon Were Mine

So the dilemma for the past week or so has been that damn lunar satellite of ours.  The girls have always been fond of the moon, but now they've decided it's not good enough to just look at it, they want to hold it.  So why can't Daddy just stand up and grab it for them?!  Now they've given up asking me to grab it and are attempting to jump up and get it on their own.  It's really quite cute because they're mad hops take them all of an 1/8th of an inch off the ground.  But they sure do try hard.  So I thought, how disappointing it must be to realize your dad can't get you something as simple as the moon. ... it's obviously right there!!  And I wanted to convey my desire to do this for them.  So I wrote a little poem, just so they know (later in life when they can read) that if I could get it for them, I wouldn't hesitate to do so.

If the Moon Were Mine

If the moon were mine, I’d give it to you,
For what would I do with the occasionally blue,
Occasionally full and often times smiley,
Hunk of great cheese, who can be quite wily?

For he has no clocks to which he is pawn
Up some days at midnight and others at dawn
And he often times wanders in pale lighted strolls
Sticking close to the mountains and hills and atolls

And other nights, I look up and see
Him high in the sky over buildings and trees.
And once in a while he must oversleep
For he shows not at all, not a glimmer or peep.

But the nights that he comes he’s careful to stay
Just out of reach and out of harm’s way.
For he knows this fact to be perfectly true,
If given the chance I’d catch him for you.

I’d polish him up and stick him in box
And wrap it up tight with bow placed atop.
The glow on your face as you opened the gift
Would be partially yours and partially his.

But tonight, I regret, he is just out of reach
And a wonderful lesson for us he’s to teach;
For the moon is not yours, it’s not mine, it’s not theirs
It’s one of the few things the whole world can share.

So for now we'll just watch him up high in the sky
And when he must pass we will say our goodbyes.
For you know that I love you and this fact is true,
If the moon were mine, I’d give him to you.


  1. Hurry! Find an illustrator! This is a children's book waiting to happen. I would read it to my girls in a heart beat.

  2. ...I'd be happy to illustrate that for you. :)