Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Clues You Have a Toddler

I apologize for the spotty blogging lately - life has been chaotic at work and, with Gina gone every weekend this past month - it's been pretty chaotic at home too.  It'll get better, I promise, so keep sticking with me.  Today I just wanted to relay a few things that I've come to find are irrefutable proof that you have a toddler at home. ... or two.
1) Every time you sit on the toilet someone rounds to corner and congratulates you; offering an M&M for your successful pee-pee in the toilet.
2) When you do something right you hear "Good dog Daddy." Which is an improvement of sorts over "Good girl Daddy."
3) You can identify your children via their teeth marks.
4) The cat has attempted to run away.
5) You're wine cabinet is empty.
6) The "time out" chair is the most sat in seat in the house.
7) You've run out of excuses as to why cookies can not be had for breakfast.
8) You've watched 20 minutes of Wow Wow Wubbzy before realizing everyone else was in bed and you can change the channel at your leisure.
9) You fantasize about a remake of "The Most Dangerous Game"... starring Elmo.
10) You're in love. ... like you've never been before.

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