Tuesday, July 5, 2011

View from the kiddie pool

 Once again we spent the holiday weekend in Palm Springs, thanks to some friends who let us crash in their time share.  Fortunately, unlike last year, I did not have another "Mommy Call 911" moment.  But what a difference the year makes.  At 8 months old we spent last 4th of July doing a lot of naps, crying through the night and trying to stay out of the desert sun as much as possible. This year the girls slept together on a pull out couch with out any problems, they took over the kiddie pool and we even won 3 consecutive "fastest slide competitions" on the monstrous water slide the resort had (Arianna and I won on Saturday and Sunday, Genevieve and I took 1st on Monday - lots of Oreo shake vouchers for our wins).  It was just incredible to see them a year later in the same place and how different an experience it was for them.  That being said, able to sit on the sidelines and let the girls have fun on their own, here are some things that I learned:

1) Nobody likes the kid (or the parent in charge of said kid) who poops in the kiddie pool and shuts it down.

2) That being said - secretly, every parent is terrified of their kid being above said pooper. 

3) Toddlers are fearless.  If they are not, it's because the parents have instilled fear in them.

4) Parents need alcohol.  There were more red cups and shinning beer cans in the hands around the kiddie pool then all of the resorts adult only pools combined.

5) Every parent is trying to teach their kids the same lessons as you: a) don't hit, b) share, c) say please and thank you.

6) We all sabotage each others above lessons out of politeness when we say "oh it's OK, he can have that toy" when the 3 year old screams "mine" or "it was my daughters fault - say you're sorry" after strange little boy hits for no apparent reason.

7) Adults with out children are really just big kids themselves.  Only they're allowed to drink and don't have a curfew. ... I'm talking to you 45 year old party woman in a bikini at 1:30 am outside my window blasting Lady Gaga and screaming about Vodka shots.

8) 90% of the people in hotel gyms on vacation have never been to a gym at home in their lives.

9) As soon as you put on a non-absorbent swim diaper your daughter will pee through it. 

10) Elmo deserves some sort of Presidential award because, as much as I hate to admit it, Elmo saves lives.

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