Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Great Balloon Disaster

For the past few months I've been staring at this Red Robin gift card in my wallet that I knew had a couple bucks left on it.  I thought last night would be a nice opportunity to get some use out of it.  If you know anything about Red Robin you know that they have balloons for the kids.  It's no secret that Genevieve is a bit of a globophobic, but the last few months she's showed a normal child's love for balloons so right when we got in Gina went over and had the hostess blow up a couple balloons for the girls.  Genevieve was really excited and ran over to see the balloons - but the moment it started to blow up she flipped out and spent the rest of the evening staring at the balloon (which was now attached to me. ... I look good with a pink balloon) ensuring that it wasn't creeping toward her and her meal.  On the opposite side, Arianna was thrilled with her orange balloon and played with it the whole dinner.  Afterward we got into the car and had to strategically tie off the pink balloon so it didn't fly over to Genevieve's side, while Arianna clutched her orange balloon with a death grip.  About 2 minutes from home the death grip loosened and the orange balloon slipped free.  What happened next was horrific. ... or hilarious depending on how you view it.  The orange balloon floated across the car and behind Genevieve's head.  It then stuck to her hair from the static build up and the girl went berserk.  I'm talking full force screaming and water falls for eyes.  She was hysterical. ... and Gina found it particularly hysterical as well - laughing so hard the she too was crying.  I'm trying to drive (refusing to pull over that close to home for a freakin' balloon) and reaching back to grab the string, which is just out of reach.  Arianna, too, is trying to regain her balloon so she's whining; Genevieve screaming; Gina laughing.   I finally park and Gina jumps out to the rescue, but as she flings the door open to get Genevieve the orange balloon shoots off in to the sky.  Now Arianna is really pissed, but Genevieve is happy to wave "bye-bye's" to the now distant orange balloon.  I assure Arianna that it's OK, she can have Genevieve's pink balloon.  I untie the balloon and wait for Arianna to come around the car so I can give it too her.  Genevieve is in momma's arms right next to me, Gina trying to get her comfortable with the balloon.  Suddenly, for no reason, pink balloon explodes just as Arianna rounds around the corner of the car.  Hysteria!  Genevieve is now terrified again, Arianna is mourning, Gina. ... once again laughing.

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