Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Signs that God may be laughing at you

We had another check up for the bean yesterday - everything looked really good.  In fact we got a great shot of bean staring down the camera, which was pretty intense.  A few weeks prior the doctor told Gina that she saw "something there that shouldn't be there if the baby is a girl" which put in our mind that we might be having a little boy - although she stressed at the time to "hold off on buying blue just yet".  It's kind of funny too because everyone (from Great Yiayia to some strangers in Palm Springs two weeks ago) said that Gina was having a boy.  Every one's an expert and has their own way of telling.  She's carrying it low; she's not craving sweets; they saw it in a dream.  What ever the reasoning everyone seems to be on "team boy" this time around.  We even stopped looking at girl names so we can focus on boy names (we want to pass initials down so it limits our choices and makes it much more difficult).  So go figure when the doctor took a peak yesterday there was not a whole lot dangling between the legs there.  The doctor even kept saying "come on dingle, where are you dingle" until she finally turned around and apologized to me.  I admit, it would be nice to have a little boy at some point in time, but I don't know why everyone assumes I am going to be bummed by another girl.  I was raised around women.  I understand women (not like a native, but like a resident alien of Venus who's able to speak the language with only a slight accent and only occasionally pulls the "how you say" card).  Last count has me with 4 sisters (2 real, 2 step), 3 sister-in-laws, 2 daughters, 2 girl cats and one female dog (the only bitch in the bunch).  So while a boy would be nice, I would hardly know what to do with one.  Of course the part that makes me think someone is messing with me is when I got back in my car after the appointment (came straight from work) the song on the radio, mid chorus, was Oingo Boingo's "I love little girls".  You know.  "I, I, I love little girls they make-me-feel-so-good!"  Too creepy to be coincidence.  That's somebody upstairs just trying to mess with me now.  Of course this is not an official determination just yet, either.  We still have about a month until we're sent out for the in depth screening at another facility that will verify once and for all whether bean is a he or a she.  Then again, my youngest sister was a boy all the way up until the doctor handed her to my dad and said "here's your son".  To which my father replied "I think you left something in there then, doc."


  1. When we went in for my 14 week check up my son pushed his butt up against the ultrasound wand and gave us a "quick peek". But the Tech said it was too early to tell. That was the ONLY time he EVER showed us. So I just went on that. I didn't know he was a he till he popped out.

  2. Congratulations whether your bean is a he or a she! I know when I went in for my ultrasound with my 3rd, I did not care about the gender. I just kept saying, "Tell me again that there's just one baby this time." lol

  3. Before our 1st ultrasound at 6 weeks when we were talking to the tech I told her that I was really hoping for a girl. And when she said "Congratulations, it's TWINS!" (after I quit repeating "You are kidding, right??") I said "That's perfect - TWO GIRLS!!"

    So of course it turned out to be two boys. :) And now I can't imagine it any other way. Should we eventually decide to try for number 3, as much as it would probably surprise people, I would be just as happy to hear it was another boy.