Saturday, July 24, 2010

Twin Weddings, or Just a Good Gum Commercial?

I'm starting to develop a "twin" theory. We have family friends who have a set of twin boys (ironically the brother of the dad now has a set of twin girls as well), and I'm constantly noticing an interesting interaction that takes place. The two boys are grade school age and in almost every aspect they are your typical little boys. Always up to something, always moving. But I catch these little moments when we are around them where I will see one or the other in an intimate moment with one of our girls. Really close to their face. Gently touching their hands. Sometimes just staring intently at them. My first instinct is "oh sweet lord, I have to worry about boys already?!" But I hardly think that's what's on the mind of a seven year old. So I just kind of tuck these observations away as moments in the archive footage of my mind. But last night caused me to bring the footage out, revisit it and start to form an interesting theory. Last night we took the girls to another concert in the park - such a good experience for them being outside with all these other families and great music in the background. Well we ran into some friends of ours - actually one of my best friends sister - who also have twins; three year old little boys. Again, typical little boys, running, screaming, trying to show me how many years old they are with fingers that aren't quite yet cooperating to the extent that they would like. But once again I'm observing these same stolen moments. One boy would run by the girls, stop, stoop down and tickle their cheek. A moment later the other would run by, stop, sit down with them and gently stroke their hand before tearing off again. I've seen this behavior with their cousin Connor before, but he's their cousin and everyone in our family makes such a fuss over the girls I think he's doing it more out of imitation than anything, and he's seen them so much he's extremely comfortable with them. But I don't see it out of other little kids that we're around. Every now and then someones little girls feels she's the boss of the babies and so she becomes quiet attentive, but never in the same manor that these sets of twin boys have been. So here's my theory: twins are known to have a bond between themselves because of time in the womb and time shared in intimate infancy, but what about twins that aren't related? It almost seems like just the fact of being a twin yourself makes you instantly bond with another person who's gone, or is going, through the same experiences you did. Like they are a slightly different species than the rest of us, and when they find someone else who is like them they feel drawn to them. It's crazy, it's out there, but I swear this is what I'm seeing. Then again, maybe it's just little boys seeing pretty girls and trying to work their charm early on. If that's the case I'm going to have to turn "Dad Mode" up a few notches. Can you install a gun rack on a Mustang?


  1. The other sunday in church apparently both of my twins were fawning over a boy in a car. Touching his muscles and being gentle to him. I didn't realize I would have to implement my suitor defense plan before their first birthday.

  2. yeah, that's not right. We should at least get 5 years before we have to start worrying about boy. Or is it before boys have to start worrying about us? Interesting.