Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pretty Fair Day

We can add a new "first" to the list - first trip to the county fair. We discovered a few things: we like curly fries, we like watching kids on the rides and we love, loooooooove goats. There was a moment where I literally had to pry Genevieve's fingers from the bars on the goat pen to get her to move on because me pulling on her had just put her into an airborne horizontal position. I was a little apprehensive in the petting zoo area because the animals there eat pellets, and pellets look remarkably like 9 month old fingers. So we got close enough to touch, but we stuck to the back ends and kept away from the faces - not ideal hanging around livestock butts all day, but I doubt the girls really noticed. We saw some big cows and pigs and sheep and we discovered another thing - we don't like turkeys. One of future Thanksgiving dinners gobbled at the girls and Genevieve burst into tears - received a collective "ahhh" from the other people in the area. But it's OK. Her Thea Alkisti ate a giant turkey leg for dinner so we got even. Take that poultry! Got lots of stops from admirers along the way. Should have just opened our own booth and charged admission. Could have help offset the ridiculous prices they are charging these days - $4.50 for one carnival ride? $3 for a thimble of soda?! How much to ensure the duct tape holds and I don't have to sit in a cage that smells like puke? Although that last sentence could probably serve as the title for my memoirs on the past year. Oh well, it was fun anyway and as my dad used to say "fun ain't free!"

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