Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stealing to Share

Genevieve has recently become quite the binky hog. It's not an addiction where she needs it all the time, we really only use them for bed time and in extreme meltdown situations that can't be resolved by other means, but when a binky is present Genevieve zero's in on it like a hawk on a rodent and with a locked gaze moves right towards it (by the way she started crawling last night - makes me feel super stupid for being concerned - so "moving" is actually taking place) with only one objective in mind: get binky in mouth. We keep a horde of binkies in the girls cribs so that if there are any problems in the night either they can get one on their own or we can easily find it in the dark when we come in. Lately, when you lay Genevieve down, the first thing she does is gather all the binkies in her crib up into her clutches, and she falls asleep like Scrooge McDuck on a pile of gold coins. If she's hanging out in the living room and some how a binky materializes she finds a way to make sure it ends up in her possession. This morning, we were all playing on our bed, each girl had come in with the nights binky in their mouth. Suddenly, Genevieve realized her sister had a binky. Keep in mind, she still had her own safely gripped between her teeth. ... tooth. But still, her hands slowly extend out toward her sisters face and - yoink! "That's my binky." She did this time and time again, Gina and I taking it back each time and returning it to Arianna who sat with a perplexed look on her face like one who has just had their purse snatched from them. Finally she did it again and we were either to exhausted from repeating the same monotonous task over and over again or curious to see how Arianna would respond given the time to contemplate so we left the situation alone. Genevieve studied the binky in her hand for few moments, tried to shove it in to her mouth with the other one still in it, looked at her sisters empty mouth and then returned to binky. She tried to actually put in Arianna's mouth for her, but the coordination was not quite there, so Arianna just took it and did the task on her own. But the thought was there - she actually looked at her sisters empty mouth and shared her excess of binkies. ... granted her first instinct was to steal the binky and add it to her own collection, but hey, can't be picky here. At least her 2nd thought was a good moral decision. Isn't that what second chances are all about?

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