Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally, a round of applause

Parenting is truly a thankless job. You get accolades and pats on the back from those around you who have been down that road or those who are fearful of winding up on that road someday, but from the children you raise you rarely get a "thank you" or "job well done". ... at least not until they're parents of their own and fully grasp the chore you undertook. Granted, we are paid in smiles, and giggles, and accomplishments, but for once it would be nice if Arianna turned to me and said "great job feeding me the pureed spinach and beans dad. I especially appreciate your failed attempts at keeping me from repainting the kitchen with it. A+ for effort dad, you're the man!" Or have Genevieve whisper in my ear as I try to rock her to sleep at 2am "Way to rock like a champ dad! I'm definitely not going to sleep for another hour and a half, but that doesn't mean you're not a spectacular snuggler." I know. ... I know. ... dreaming right? I think not!!! I am proud to gloat that I got my first standing "o" during dinner last night. Well, it was a sitting "o" but little Miss Genevieve has mastered the clap. ... that doesn't sound right. Anyway, she figured this thing out - and we have no idea how. During yesterdays afternoon nap I got home from work and instead of sleeping she was just lying there focusing on putting right hand to left hand, separating and repeating. Neither of us have worked with her on it (like sitting or standing), she just kind of stumbled on to it herself. Then at dinner, while Gina was teaching a class, in between mouthfuls of pasta and chicken she started clapping again. I mean, I know I was a decent dinner feeder, but I had no idea I would inspire a John Hughes 1980's teen film slow clap. Takes me back to my days in theater. You can make an audience laugh or cry, but if they don't clap for you then it was all in vein. Well, I can feed her and change her, cloth her and keep her warm, but now I know. ... she likes me! She really, really likes me!

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