Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On Feeding Rabid Geese

Gina had to go to class before the girls were ready for bed last night, so she pumped a couple bottles and left us to our vices. It's an interesting thing feeding two mobile babies in the same room when both want to eat (and I realize Gina has to do this multiple times every day so I'm not complaining, I'm just observing). When you are nursing one you only have a brief couple of seconds before the other, seeing what's taking place, comes at you like a heat sensing missile. Upon arrival she starts pulling on your leg, or patting your feet. Then she pulls herself up to standing on the chair you are sitting in and does everything she can think of to try and climb in to your lap and take the bottle out of her sisters mouth for her own consumption. When you're done with the one and move on to the other, the one who just ate does the same thing - regardless of the fact she is so full you can hear the liquid sloshing around in her tummy when she crawls toward you. They remind me of feeding geese in the park. Everything starts out nice and picturesque, but then suddenly they start to get too close for comfort. 1 turns into 5 turns into 50 in a matter of 30 seconds. Then one starts gnawing on your shoe laces. Then somebody bites your pant leg. Before you know it you're running like the wind, screaming like a five year old framed by an explosion of bread crumbs and feathers behind you. BTW, I imagine that's what an action movie would look like if it stared the Snuggle Detergent bear. Anyway, last night I even put Genevieve in her crib (she ate second but finished first as I have to feed Arianna in stages - short attention span and all. ... sounds familiar. ... where was I? Squirrel!). She pulled herself up in the crib and reached her arms over the bars toward where I was sitting with Arianna, as if she just stretched a little more she could snatch the bottle - she was still a good 8 or 9 feet away, but not for lack of effort. I swear - dressing these two is like dressing rabid raccoons, and now feeding them is like feeding ravenous geese. I can't wait until they're walking. Then I'm sure it'll be like chasing suicidal monkeys. This must be why everyone advises having a pet before you have children - cause the similarities are striking. You're constantly cleaning up messes, moving things out of reach, using the word "no" and you've never had so much fun in your life!

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  1. Lovin' the new background and layout. Also cant wait to see you guys this weekend.