Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Indoor Summer Campout

Three summers ago we experienced our first August residing more then 10 miles from the beach and it's coastal breezes.  Growing up in Long Beach we never had an air condition in our house; why would you?!  Any hint of heat you just open up the windows and let the salt laden air flow through.  In Corona?  Not so easy.  No matter how hot it gets, you keep those windows closed and those blinds drawn or the wrath and fury of hell will overpower all things holy within those four walls.  After that you crank on the AC and pray to the gods of Southern California Edison that there are no rolling blackouts in your area. 
This weekend with Gina and the baby enjoying the coastal breezes of Santa Barabra and a festival, the girls and I opened our Bibles straight to a page in Revelations when the upstairs (where the bedrooms are located) AC conked out.  We have a warranty that will fix it, no issue - but they couldn't get a tech to us for 3 days.  So the first night, I tried fans on the stairs to bring up the downstairs cool, I pushed the roaters on the ceiling fans to the brink, I put everyone in the least amount of sleep appropriate clothing I could - but by 3am it was still 88 degrees and everyone was miserable.  I know. ... 88 degrees. ... anyone reading this in Mumbai is punching out their screen.  But we're sissy's, ok?!  So night two I went a different route.  If you can't sleep upstairs, blast the AC downstairs and have an indoor camp out!  We watched movies, we ate ice cream, we even put on long pants at one point. ... it was glorious!  Except for me who slept on the couch in case anyone had issues in the middle of the night.  Life Lesson #482: when buying a new sofa, take a nap on it just in case one day you need to know if it'll do the trick.


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