Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Preschool for the Kamikaze


Our third little journey of learning has officially begun.  Yesterday little Rozzie Kamikaze started pre-school for the first time.  She was so excited, like Christmas morning excited, in the days and morning leading up to going.  She was talking about all the stuff she was going to learn, what she was going to do, new friends she was going to make.  But then, as we walked toward the front door, it seemed that something dawned on her for the very first time: she was going in alone.  She's always had this exuberant energy; this need to compete with older sisters that drives her to be louder, faster, more unpredictable.  It's been as much an issue for us parenting as it has been a blessing for seeing a little one with so much life.  But that comes from this place of being the baby, and you're not "the baby" unless their are older siblings on whom you can rely.  Anywhere she goes she can be loud and boisterous because her big sisters have her back.  Any obstacle in her way she can vault over with a triple axle because her sisters will be there to catch her.  Anything she doesn't know she can confidently shout an answer for because her sisters will correct her if she's wrong.  But she doesn't have them here.  For the first time she has to walk a path alone, with out support, with out guidance, with out anyone.  For the first time in her little life I saw shyness creep in.  When the teacher greeted her, she retreated briefly.  Hidden was the confidence.  Reserved was the calamity.  It was unsettling.  Fortunately, it seems not to have lasted long.  Before the first day was over she clearly found her own footing with out her supportive siblings and I doubt it will be long before she loses that fitting, breaks another bone and realizes she can also pick herself up with out assistance.  It's a first step in a long academic journey, but I can see she's going to continue to run instead of walk.  And that makes me happy.

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