Sunday, August 30, 2015

Trust Issues

As a parent you're hardwired to believe you're kid is always right.  If there's crying at the playground, some other kids is the cause.  If there's a report from school, must be the teachers' style.  If they grow up to be short. ... well those are her mother's genes.  But here's the ultimate paradox: what if you have more then one child and they're on polar opposite sides of the conflict?

We had one such issue today during the battle of who did what.  The world was hunky-dory all morning. ... until it suddenly wasn't.  I walked into the piano room to try and sort things out and it was clear it would not be resolved easily.  Arianna claimed Genevieve spit on her and called her a "poopy head".  Yes, that's right; a poopy head.  At five and a half I must explain there is no greater insult to bestow on one then that of the Poopy Head.  For her part, Genevieve was adamant that she had not uttered such a loathful phrase, nor had she allowed the saliva of her mouth to grace the form of her lowly sister.  A dilemma has been born.

Honestly, I don't care about who's a poopy head.  Everyone in this house deserves the title from time to time.  As Mama has pointed out, their father can be a real shit head so it's only natural that his offspring start as poopy heads and work their way up.  I was a little more disturbed by the spitting, but it's Genevieve and she was playing this god awful recorder some one brought her back from Mexico and with the absence of her front teeth at the moment she does spit quit a lot. ... like really, it's Daffy Duck incarnate at times.  What gets me is the lying.  The lying to my face, but even more so the lying in front of their sister who they're attempting to pin the blame on.

It got to the point where they were both in trouble until one of them confessed to what really took place.  Both were steadfast in their story; I mean this thing carried on way beyond where it should have.  Each of them was willing to take what ever punishment was dished just to enjoy the satisfaction of taking their sister down with them.  They ended up in their rooms on a permanent time out until one of them cracked.

About 20 minutes later Gina checked in on them and came down stairs with a message: they were ready to talk.

Turns out they were both lying.  Genevieve did intentionally spit on her sister but Arianna added the "poopy head" comment to compound the crime.

Those are my kids. ... a couple of real poopy heads.

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