Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lonely Boy

Since they were born, my life has revolved around them.  I've not been absent more then a few days at most.  But after driving them out to Tucson to see Grandpa on Friday, I had to board a plane back home Sunday night, while they staid another week.  I don't begrudge the stay.  My father-in-law is a really good man, and living 9 hours away means the girls don't see him nearly enough to get to know that fact for themselves.  They'll always be playing catch up in that relationship, despite the dent a trip like this will make.  With that understanding firmly in place. ... god damn is it quiet.  Like, eerily so.  I didn't mention, they took the dogs as well (my father-in-laws house is a dog mecca) so it's just me and the cats.  And let's face it: cats do not equal good company.  It's almost horrifying to realize how empty my world is with out them in it. ... I mean I've got nothing.  I've long since abandoned most of my "non-family" conducive friendships.  And those that I haven't. ...well, they have their own friends and families to keep them busy.  I have my job. ... but after 10 hours of that already, it's hardly enough to fill up the other half of my day.  I have projects to keep me busy during the waining twilight, but once that sun goes down. ... just silence.  I've taken to keeping the hallway light on (the one we keep dimmed so the girls can see their way into our room at 2am) because when I wake up in the middle of the night it makes me feel like they're still there. .... but they're not.  I could go to a bar (eh).  I could go to the driving range some more (what's the point).  I could watch TV (temporary distraction).  Or I could just write a whiny blog about how much I miss my girls.  Yeah. ... that sounds worth my time.

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