Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CSI: Hundred Acre Woods

You always hear on the news at night how everyone missed those early warning signs.  The child was clearly off, clearly dark, clearly possessed the mind of killer.  Naturally, then, my heart stopped and my mind dropped when Arianna gleefully handed me this coloring project yesterday:

Yes, you're seeing this right.  All of the water droplets coming of Piglett and Pooh are a crimson, blood red.
I hesitated a moment, collecting my thoughts and taking note that all the knives were still placed firmly in their holder on the kitchen counter.  Was there something devious behind the sweet little smile?  Did she have any idea what this image now shows?

"Honey," I asked delicately, not wishing to get on her bad side.  "Why did you chose to color these red?"
With out hesitation she offered, "Because the water will be yellow and when red mixes with yellow it makes orange. ... I like orange."
Oh thank god.  She didn't mention blood at all.  No talk of "owies" or hurting Pooh.  No sharp, stringed instrument overture blaring in my life sound track. Not wanting to draw any notice to where my mind went I told her that it was amazing and I was so proud of her remembering how colors mix.  I patted her on the head and she skipped of to finish her work.
Then she stopped, turned and said 'But Tigger's gonna die tonight!"
Kidding. ... I'm kidding.  But if I ever end up the victim of a homicide and you're watching the news report of my death. ... know that I saw the early warning signs.  I knew this day would come.  It all started with the double murders in the Hundred Acre Woods.

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