Tuesday, June 25, 2013

7 Years, No Itches

Tried to find time to write yesterday, but it just didn't happen.  Yesterday marked the 7th "birthday" of the unification that started this chaos.  Seven years ago a boy stood next to a girl in front of 250 witnesses and dedicated their lives to each other.  Seven years ago these two naive young people imagined the family that would follow them.  They fantasized about the adventure that lay before them and they tried to dream the biggest dreams theirs blissful minds could allow.  Seven years ago those kids couldn't comprehend the enormity, the majesty, the wonder that would come.  Seven years ago they couldn't fathom the pain they would share.  The strength they would build between them.  That the love which they could barely contain on that beautiful June night would blossom, would grow, would press outward from their very souls and bloom into a household of scampering bare feet, of mutilated Barbie dolls and princess music drifting on the afternoon air as the sun set over their very own hill.  Seven years ago my imagination wasn't capable of this fantasy.  Seven years ago I already thought I had it all.  Seven years later I'm still waiting to wake up.  To realize that no single man deserves all this and I'd simply been enjoying the most beautiful of mid summer dreams.  Seven years later I'm still trying to earn the love that was given to me.  Still trying woo that girl who said yes.  Still trying to fulfill the promises I made with that ring.  Seven years later and I'm too busy, my hands to full to worry about scratching.  Seven years later, my heart is still so full that I fear it may burst from my chest at any moment.  Still pounding as hard as it did in that little boys body as he stood at an alter, palms sweaty, knees weak, eyes moist and smile so big that it seemingly wrapped around his face and touched corner to corner at the back of his neck.  Seven years later. ...and I'm ready for seventy seven more.

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