Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Catch Phrases

I guess it's a sign of greatness; having your own catch phrase.  You know you've made it when you can break the 4th wall, look at the audience with a grin and say "whatchtalkin' 'bout?" and have a comical melody play a few bars while the canned laughter rolls.  So I can't really fault Arianna for deciding she's now going to have her own catch phrase.  But I gotta say, with out the laugh track or the house band to back it. ... it's getting a little old.  "Whoopsie".  That's what she's latched on to.  And she tilts her head, places her pointer finger on her chin and shrugs her shoulders up - very reminiscent to the Coppertone Sun Tan Lotion kid
Come to think of it. ... she looks almost EXACTLY like that kid.  Only she has a shirt on.  And Charming has yet to bite anyone's butts. ... yet.

But it's getting so over used in the week since she latched on to this. 

"Arianna, eat the rest of your dinner."

"Arianna, pick up your cloths and put them in the hamper"

"Arianna, get in the car already!"

She's even gotten to the point of unsolicited usage.  "Hey Daddy, wanna see what I can do?  Whoopsie!"

I love her to death.  And it's very cute that she understands the concept of comedy (she's doing it for the laugh after all) and it's not nearly as bad as the "Oh Pan Gangam Style" she latched on to over Memorial Weekend, thanks to my niece.  But if I hear "whoopsie" one more time. ....

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