Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Say My Name

There are so many mile stones that make a parent's heart skip a beat.  But I think none as palpitating as hearing your name escape the lips of your little one.  It's moving, on a deeply, inexplicable level.  And you say to yourself, nothing is as melodic as "Daddy" being said.  Then, of course, you hear "Daddy" 754,692 times over the next 48 hours as she's discovered this gibberish is actually a word that communicates something.  So she's going to run that word right in to the ground.  No matter.  She could call my name a billion times, and every time I turn and catch her big blue eyes waiting to greet mine, that smile spreading across her face when she makes contact, it makes the moment just as fresh and touching for me.  Definitely my favorite sound.

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