Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fake It Till You Make It

First of all, I didn't even notice we passed the 600 posts  mark.   Seriously, this is 603 and I'm just noticing.  Is that where we are at now?  Centennial milestones are no big deal?  Kind of like after 40 you just stop celebrating the birthdays.  Fine. ... so be it. 

I think some people have this impression that this time around is a repeat of all the the things I experienced double when the girls where this age.  But it's not.  It's a little the same, but like a Seinfeld rerun it hits you different based on where you're at in life now.  Something funny then isn't as funny now.  And somethings that went overlooked or, god forbid, unappreciated then are relished in this  new moment.  But, that aside, experiencing a baby is, in it's self, completely different then experiencing a baby with toddlers around.  Here's the example: Participation.  Rosaline knows about 10 words at this point: Quack (a favorite first word around here), Please, Thank You, Caltsa (socks), Mama, Daddy, Wow, No and a couple others that are escaping me.  Nothing to really saturate a conversation - unless you're talking about impressive socks geared towards parents which you politely refuse. ... with ducks.  The girls, on the other hand, are participating in one long conversation that has endured for 16 months straight.  So what's a verbally limited sister to do?  Pretend.  As they sat in the bath last night and the girls (playing with dolls, perpetually) commented on how pretty the other's hair was and beautiful her dress was, each turned in toward the other leaving Rosaline with a view of a back, Rosaline held her own doll (upside down) and then gibbered in response to everything they were saying as though she was thoroughly entrenched in the conversation at hand.  The girls didn't even know she was there.  She probably KNEW they didn't know she wasn't there.  But that did not stop her one bit.  As my momma always said, you're not a part of the conversation until you ACT like you're part of the conversation.  So fake it till you make it kid.  If nothing else, I find it thoroughly amusing.

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