Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Princesses AARRREEEE Superheros!

While I don't agree at all with how Chic-fil-a "defines" a family, I do applaud they way they see their children customers.  More then just putting in a jungle gym so french fry saturated tykes can accumulate static and shock each other after each slide, they really do care about the well being of the children that come in.  Free cheerio snacks for their still teething customers.  Diapers. ... free diapers!  Even a bookshelf filled with children's books because, hey, maybe the mind could use a work out after a chicken sandwich!  Then, there's the theme nights.  This is where I really stand up and applaud them.  A few years ago I took the girls to "Daddy Date Night".  There we shared a romantic meal and milkshake while they were fitted with tiara's, had their portraits drawn and got to go for a ride around the parking lot in a stretch limo. ... all for free.  It was one of those moments where I said "this company get's it" (granted I don't think they get "everything" but they certainly get this).  So last night, our NEW Chic-fil-a held a Super Hero night.  We, of course, had to go because Daddy is a bit of a comic book dork.  There was the promise of real life caped crusaders, sketch artists and even a costume contest.  So while I really wanted the girls to go as the power puff girls, they were having nothing to do with superheros.  They, instead, demanded to be princesses.  So we settled in a middle ground.  They went as princesses.  Well, they left the dresses and just wore t-shirts with princesses on them.  It was great though, a really nice opportunity to go out and do something different, fun and free.  Naturally we couldn't force them to wipe off their face paintings an hour after getting them, so everyone went down for the night with princess superhero masks on.  Not sure if that makes us good parents or bad parents. ... and I don't really give a damn.  I'm content with another beautiful memory to carry around for eternity.  And that makes them MY heroes.

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