Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Houston, we have lift-off

Arianna is officially crawling. She's been doing the army crawl for a few weeks, but she's quadrupedal, limbs moving independently crawling now. And the cat is rightfully terrified. Gina called me with the news yesterday but I finally got to see it for myself when they got home last night. Plopped her on the floor and she just kind of looked at me, then Fila strutted by and like a shot out of a canon she was off. ... cat couldn't believe her eyes. This display shows the vast personality differences in the girls too. Geneveive isn't really army crawling at this point - but not because she lacks the ability. Genevieve is the stronger of the two, she just isn't ready. See Arianna is the "leap before thinking" personality. She is constantly in motion and eventually she'll figure out something that makes sense. She started with flopping around, turned into spinning on her belly, progressed to army crawling and now she's mobile. She put the pieces together until she got something she liked. Genevieve is a very different bird. She thinks out her moves. She sits and she watches and she sees her sister rolling around and you can see the little wheels turning in her mind almost like "Ok, that doesn't look fun. There's got to be a better way!" So she digests it for a while. Now she's finally come to the determination that "moving is nice, but the floor is not. Mom and Dad seem to get around with out crawling so why don't I just do what they do?" Every time I try to put her down she straightens herself out to stand up. It's hard to get her to sit and if you lay her down she gets pissy so I let her stand and she holds on to my fingers and then starts to move her legs - it's like she just figures she'll skip the whole crawling thing and move straight to walking. So I have a "mover" and a "thinker" in my two kids. ... which is shaping up to be trouble. Because in the future I know that Genevieve will come up with some "brilliant" plan and Arianna will not hesitate to execute it. That spells trouble. But for the moment, the trouble is limited to dogs, cats and anything else that hangs out on the floor. I do, however, think that Genevieve might find inspiration to crawl when she suddenly sees her sister barreling toward her and she has no current mobility options. That'll get her going.

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