Friday, June 25, 2010


Let me first apologize, it's been far too long since my last post but I'm sure you'll forgive me. As most of you know life's been very busy the last few weeks all coming to a head with tomorrows baptism. I promise to pick up the slack after that. I did, however, feel the need to share with you our Anniversary adventure last night. Gina and I celebrated our 4th year - I know, crazy! Gina's godmother had given us gift certificates to the Melting Pot a while back, which (as a law student I love) came with a babysitting clause. We could only use them if she got to watch the girls. So we thought free money and a new experience (neither of us have been to this restaurant) sound like a good combo for our anniversary so we cashed them in. We opted to go early so if there were problems we could get back and help out before it was too long past their bed times, and we figured it would be empty at 5:30 on a Thursday. After last nights events Gina and I talked at lenght about our personality types when it comes to planning. We aren't much for plans. We like general directions and then just go with the flow after that. And it tends to work out. People who plan have a good time 99% of the time, because they stick to their schedules and plans. But people who don't have a GREAT time 50% of the time because they stumble into better situations then they could have ever planned. The other 50% are total disasters, but hey, you win some you lose some, right?! So we don't plan, thus we never made reservations for a restaurant we'd never been to. Thus we don't eat at said new restaurant because they are booked until after 7. Idea number 2 was Beni Hana's down the street. Not even a parking spot. Seriously, not a single one. We then tried another restaraunt down the street, but the valet only and the dozen exotic imports parked out front told me it was way out of our price range (remember we were originally working with gift cards here) so I said no, much to starving Gina's chagrin. As we sat on the non moving 405 pointed in the direction of home we laughed at the thought that we might end up with a Subway footlong meatball sandwich and a box of Chardonnay to split for the evening and the fact that such a scene would fit us perfectly. Fortunately, after we made the ill advised decision to transition on to the 55 (moving even less) a much more perfect idea hit me. Up a little further, West on the 22, exit at The City Drive, park in the North lot, walk towards the theater. There's our Mecca. The place that has and always will define us. The place we should have gone to in the beginning. Tu Tu Tango's. It's been a long while, but it's still home - and Clara the waitress still remembers us by name (we actually didn't see her at first so we sat outside and when she was walking by a window she noticed us and came out to say "hi" and ask about the girls, who were barely little sea monkeys the last time we came here). The girls got to bed fine with out us, we enjoyed some wine and brilliant food, and our adventure came to a wonderful close. The night truly embodying all that we are, especially the return home. The past four years have been wonderful, but what really excites me is the years that have yet to play out. I think the purpose of an anniversary is not just a celebration of the past accomplishments, it's a pep rally for the ones yet to come. And boy am I excited.

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