Friday, June 12, 2015

Once, Twice, Three Times a Bunkmate

We just can't get out of the pull up's at night time with Rozzie.  Accidents during the day are pretty much down to nill, but we can't conquer those long summer evenings yet.  Most of the time she's dry the next day; in fact it's probably twice a week at most that we need to toss the pull up in the morning.  But every now and then. ....

And we know the cause; the kid clearly has a drinking problem.  She's obsessed with drinking the shower water. .. like seriously obsessed.  Our conversations when it's her turn in there are:

Don't drink the water
Soap you bottom
Don't drink the water
Stop drinking the water
Did you drink the water
Wash out your poupou
I said don't drink the water
Wash your face
Wash your face
Stop drinking the freakin' water!

So then we brush teeth and try to use the potty, but all that shower water hasn't quite made it down to the bladder just yet.

When I go to bed around 11, my last job of the night is to take her catatonic body back to the toilet for one more try.  It's good bonding I figure.  She tries to sleep walk off the toilet and I have to wrangler her back to the seat to avoid getting piss all over me and the floor. ... magical really. 

Well last night I went in to take her and she'd already pee'd and it had leaked out of the pull up on to the sheets.  Great.  I take her to the toilet and call Gina in to watch her while I change the sheets out.  Of course she's gone now so there's nothing left, so we put her back to bed.

Well who comes in around 3AM to announce she's wet the bed for a second time in one night?!

And it's not even like "sorry Mama and Daddy, I wet the bed again."  It's more like "Hey, you!  Clean up on aisle four!"

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