Friday, June 5, 2015

Because this really happened


Well hi there; it's been a while.  You'd think it would be one of the big things going on in our life right now that would bring me out:
Twins just wrapped up TK
Zozzy's gone a full 9 months with out breaking any part of her body
Baby number 4 is due any day now
But no. ... it's a much more crass reason.  My daughter inadvertently drew a penis on a birthday card for our neighbor.  It's the little things really.
Our good friend and neighbor had her 42nd birthday over the weekend and the girls (who adore her) were desperate to make birthday cards in celebration.  Keep in mind my neighbor is also home the past 2 weeks recovering from surgery.  So they get out their pencils and markers and start to work.  Our neighbor is an avid gardener so the girls drew flowers and trees and. ... apparently a shovel for her to garden with.

Naturally I made sure they gave this card to her - no way I was going to pass up this gem.
Happy Birthday, here's a d**k!

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