Monday, October 14, 2013

The Lowness Of Humanity (it's a funny post, don't worry)

So with all the developments lately and the severe lack of blogging on my part, allow me bring you up to speed on a few things before we get into this post.
1) Big Girls in Preschool
2) Arianna started speech therapy (going well, not serious)
3) Rosaline in big girl bed. ... sometimes
4) Rosaline potty training. ... sometimes
5) New dog is really big
6) Grandpa bought us a trampoline
7) Momma finally done with festival season so Daddy is regaining sanity

Now to today's post:
Last night as we're getting ready for bed, Arianna runs into the bathroom where I'm brushing Rosaline's teeth, stark naked and holding poop stained underwear.

"Daddy!" she yells, somebody got my khaikis (underwear) all yucky!"
"What do you mean 'somebody,'" I ask sceptically.
She doesn't miss a beat, "Someone else must have been wearing them and they got khaka (poop) in them."
"Someone else, other then you, was wearing the underwear you just took off your body?"
She looks at me with the most earnest of eyes, "That must have been what happened," she replies, shrugging her shoulders and walking away as though she's proved her point and we both must simply move on at this point.

So, to the rest of humanity I say this:  How low must one be to steal a three year old's underwear, poop in them, and then return to replace them on her body; essentially framing this otherwise perfectly potty trained toddler.  I thought stealing candy from a baby was the worst. .... but this is awful.  You should be ashamed of yourself mystery pooper. ... absolutely ashamed.

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