Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3rd Down and 6 to Go

Sleep.  If you think about it the bed was a pretty stupid invention.  Let's put ourselves high above the ground, without retention methods, while we're comatose and unable to control our movements.  The only benefit is to store stuff you never want to find again because you forgot you stuck it under your bed.  With the girls, they did alright training for this nightly balancing act.  Of course, it helps that we purchased mini railings that attached to their big girl beds and kind of encouraged them not to fall out (I won't say kept them from falling out because that wasn't always effective).  This time around, with Rosaline, we tried to use the same partitions but in all the moves. ... well, we lost the straps the keep the partition secured to the bed. ... so it's even more useless.  We tested her out during naps, going with out the wall and she did quite well, so we moved to the night time and diligently watched the monitor to make sure there were no issues.  First few runs, no problem.  Except that the static on the monitor (haven't used in a while) kept us both up and exhausted the following day.  Well, last night it all went to shit.  The first thump we heard from downstairs around 9.  We could see her on the monitor as well, but the roll out motion was unobserved.  I rushed upstairs and scooped her up; she's crying but still pretty much asleep.  I retuck her back in and go back down stairs.  About 9:30 we see it happening.  Of course the thump beat us upstairs and this time Gina scooped her up, piling pillows on her side to act as a retaining wall of sorts.  Around 10:15, as we're getting in to bed ourselves and just as I'm setting up the monitor (we had it downstairs with us earlier in the evening) the familiar thump once more.  This time she had thrown herself back into bed before Gina could even get in the room.  So. ... three downs and only 6 more hours to go.  Needless to say it was a light sleep by us, waiting for that familiar thump in the dark once more.

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