Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Assistant to the Regional Manager

As parents it's important to be the boss, each with equal power.  Like the CFO and the CEO, or a Board of Directors.  A very small Board.  But as you climb down the ladder in any organization you'll find there are still positions of limited power all the way to the bottom.  That's right, even the guys who scrap bird shit off the Empire State Building have a supervisor.  SSBS.  Supervising Scraper of Bird Shit.  In our family, it seems, that there's this jockeying for a position we didn't realize was even open: VP of Children Operations.  It seems that the Board is too consumed with the bigger picture of running a household and there's a general consensus among the employees that micro managing will be a better tactic at the child care level.  Of course, there seems to be three self appointed candidates for the position.  Every time I turn around Genevieve is scolding someone or reciting a company bylaw.  Last night she yelled at Gina (a very exhausted Gina, I might add) for bringing a glass of wine upstairs.  "Momma!  There are no drinks allowed upstairs.  You're going to spill on my brand new carpet."  I thought Gina was going to pop, but she looked completely caught off guard.  Arianna, meanwhile, feels that we're not safe enough and that every one climbing onto a chair needs a boost up, and everyone who slightly stumbles in their walk must be tackled to the ground and restrained for their own protection.  Then there's Rosaline.  She's' the whistle blower.  Everything is everyone else's fault. Not the most ethical way to climb the ladder, but effective none the less.

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