Thursday, January 31, 2013


There's a joy to being a parent that the childless can't comprehend.  Not that they're uncapable, but that until they cross that threshold the feeling is inexplicapable; only after you feel it can you really say "oh, yeah. ... I get what they were talking about now."  Likewise, however, there's a similar joy of having multiple children, that the parents with one child just can't understand.  Our fear was always, how will we love that additional child as much as the first (or first two in our case).  Here's how: Last night the girls and I got home a little late, part of the learning process of the move.  Fortunately, thanks to my genius wife's insistence, we ate dinner in the car on the way home so all we had to do before bed was get a bath in.  Still, it was a little chaotic trying to get all these naked bodies rounded up and into a bath after being couped up in the car for an hour and a half.  Arianna was playing with some toy in middle of the family room.  Rosaline, in my arms, insists on being put down, so I do.  She immediate runs up to Arianna, grabs her toy and runs back to me.  In writing it sounds like a moment for correcting a bad behavior; but the smile on her face was so perfect that it betrays what was really taking place.  She wasn't "stealing" from her sister for the sake of stealing.  She was teasing.  She was inviting the respondent chase, begging for a game to be played.  She was being silly.  Even better, Arianna understood that and eagerly joined in the game.  This is that moment; one that can accurately described.  It's amazing to have a child; its so much more to have children and to see them grow together.  To see that bond formed.  To see that love blossom.

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