Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Donde Estan Las Kopps?!

Where have I been?  Why have I not been blogging?  WTF Man?!!!!  I know, I know.  But what can I say, this relocation thing has taken a lot of me.  That and we still haven't gotten Internet hooked up at the house and it's quite frustrating  trying to blog from my phone.  I have fat fingers and auto correct takes my attempts at posting in whole other direction so, those get tossed wayside before publication.  Anyhoo, let me fill you in.  We finally got those keys on the 18th (and by "got" I mean they told us "hey, the house is yours; keys are under a rock in the front flower bed").  Gina, the amazing woman I married, and her wonderful mother and sisters spent all day Friday cleaning the place from top to bottom (Gina was not about to use a toilet with out knowing who's butt sat on it last).  The next Saturday I rented a truck I was very uncomfortable driving, loaded it up with all our condo furniture in storage using the help of my good friend and white knuckled the drive all 46 miles to our new casa.

After unloading all the furniture Gina started painting and I got to installing all the missing light fixtures on the outside of the house.  I only electrocuted myself twice, which I consider a good day.  You see, I'm a smart guy; I know I can just turn off the power to the house. ... but I prefer to live dangerously.  This process took us well into the evening so we headed back to old house for the night.  Next morning, bright and early we were back to painting and lighting.  Over the next two days we painted the upstairs, hung ceiling fans in 4 rooms, relocated a chandelier, installed a motion light on the side yard, put away the kitchen, mounted the TV's and even squeezed in a lunch break.  We also met our creepy new neighbor.  That's not fair, it's clear he has issues and to label him "creepy" isn't the right thing to do, but allow me to explain.  In my new office there was a film on the windows which frosted the glass and made it impossible to see through.  We're not really those type of folks so we pulled it off.  Well, that just left an equally site reducing, tacky film on the glass so my mother in law spent Sunday scrapping the adhesive off the glass.  She was almost done (really big project) when she yells at me to come in because there was a creepy neighbor staring at her.  Sure enough, as I walk in, there's a older teenage boy just staring, disturbingly, through his upstairs window at us.  This is one of those locked in gazes that an average person would divert the moment they were acknowledged.  He did not.  He just kept staring. I waved at him and, shortly after I heard Gina yelling at someone upstairs.  Turns out she was painting the room directly above us and, with the window open, she could hear the conversation he was having with himself as he stared at us.  When he referenced us as "intelligent livestock" it worried Gina enough that she felt the need to call him out on it.  He snarked at her with a clearly deficient social ability and his father quickly pulled him from the window, apologized and closed the window and blinds.  It was a few minutes later that we realized all the upstairs windows of our house have this same film on them and each of the window sills on that side contain salt that was poured into them.  Clearly we're stumbling into some sort of issue that's been ongoing.  We did our best to move on.  The following Monday, to honor  Dr. King's birthday, I rented a dumpster and cleaned out the trash riddled side yard.  These people had buried paint and gas cans under gravel, which I'm sure was not the smartest thing to have done.  Gina then came out later and, once again, we continued painting.  The rest of the week - with me back at work - Gina oversaw the replacement of the carpet, the installing of the security system (which we now wanted more then ever), delivery of our sofa, the purchase of fridge, washer & dryer, the rekeying of the house and a bunch of other stuff that took every hour of that week. The following Saturday, in the rain, I once again white knuckled an over sized truck with the last of our stuff to the house.  My two friends had to cancel last minute so my Step Dad and I muscled two couches, three beds, five dressers and two arm chairs upstairs.  We jimmied an over sized fridge through an undersized door.  My aunt cleaned the garage fridge we got from our friend of the remnants of a subway sandwich that had been sitting in storage with said fridge since September.  It was very black and struggled when I tried to throw it away. Two more days and it might have qualified as animal cruelty it was  so fuzzy.  The appliances were delivered, the boxes unboxed (well, like 50%) and that night, for the first time officially, Gina and I enjoyed a glass of wine while the girls slept in their new rooms.  More to come with our adventures in the Kopp Station (every house needs a name; that's the best we've come up with so far) but for now that should bring you up to speed.

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