Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Know, I Know; But I'm Just Sayin'

It's been weeks, I apologize.  I haven't even done my pic of the week in that time and the masses are crying out in hysteria and anguish.  My sincerest apologies.  But I promise you, I've had good reason and in the coming days you'll see an epic post, a post to shame all other posts, with details on the horror story we've been dealing with the past few months trying to purchase a new home.  Yes, our stay in the in-law's Pool Side Suite is drawing to an end.  But more on that in the coming days, once the nightmare is over and I can vent with out knocking on wood.  In the mean time, a post about my children:
I've noticed an unusual relationship forming between Rosaline and me.  Something takes place that never happened with the girls: one on one time.  I've never, as best as I can recollect, spent time with either of the girls individually.  They are a pair (as much as I hate the thought that we've treated them like a pair, that is what's happened).  Now, suddenly, there are these moments where Gina takes the girls off somewhere (usually kids club at the gym because Rosaline being under 2 is tricky to get in when you've got two other kids in the head count as well) and it's just the two of us for a few hours.  Last night Gina went to her Tuesday evening class and with all the soon to be revealed drama of the house in full swing she decided to leave the baby with me since she was in the middle of a later then usual afternoon nap.  That left Rosaline and I alone for dinner, bath and bed time prep.  We usually spend Saturday mornings alone as well which is when we go on our run together - she's my trainer.  It's just weird, because I never had a chance to just focus all my efforts on one kid before.  And I have to say - meaning no disrespect to the singleton parents out there - but this one child thing is a cake walk!  I mean, do you know how much you can accomplish with a free hand and only having to watch one whirling dervish at a time.  No wonder China is the fastest growing economy on the planet.  They've got so much free time.  Just sayin'.

On a final note, my first book of fiction is coming to an online retailer to you soon.  Please "like" my page on Facebook and stay tuned for information on how you can get your own copy.  Or nine.

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  1. Wow! You wrote a novel about Somali pirates! If it's available for Kindle, I'm buying it. :)