Friday, April 30, 2010

Twins with Bling

So my girls are going to get their ears pierced today (at least that's the plan, of course "the plan" with twins often never happens because you can't plan anything with twins). I have mixed feelings. I'm behind it and I gave my OK because I know they'll want to have their ears pierced someday (even if it's only for a brief period between 12 and 13) and I don't want them to go through a painful experience at a point where they can really remember it. I'd rather have it happen now when they'll forget it and lose that memory of it. Also I'm afraid if we wait until their 1 or 2 they'll end up messing with it and getting them infected. As it is now their still fairly unaware of themselves and I think that'll limit their touching and pulling. Example of how unaware you ask? Last week Arianna came home with a "ripe" sticker on her forehead. Apparently her Thea Eleni thought the sticker from her banana looked great on my child. And Arianna was blissfully unaware of the decor she was sporting. Although it was good choice of wording because she happened to be fairly ripe at the time. Which takes me on another tangent - you know there are only three other animal species who are aware of their selfs in the same regard as humans? Chimps, Elephants and Dolphins are the only species who can recognize themselves in the mirror. A test was done where the animals were sedated and an "x" was marked on their foreheads. Upon awakening the researchers place a mirror in their environment and only those three animals looked in the mirror, saw the "x" and then spent effort trying to remove it from their faces. And there you go. I've just added to your awareness of the animal kingdom. That's not to say that my children are not as smart as dolphins, chimps and elephants. ... although that argument can be made about several people I have encountered in my lifetime. I'm sorry, what were we talking about again? Ah, earrings. So that's what's happening today. And while I support it I'm sooooo glad I'm not there because I would feel so bad watching some chick with a nose ring and a streak of hot pink in her bangs put a gun up to my 6 month old's ear and shoot a golden spike through her poor little earlobe. And the worse part would then be handing over the other child once the first is screaming in agony, albeit sparkly, blinged out agony. I mean, if you're going to scream your head off you might as well look gorgeous doing it, darling. Alas, this is just another milestone. Another indicator that my girls are growing up. I so desperately wanted to rush them out of Gina's stomach and now I just want to slow it down. Yesterday Gina was holding Genevieve and I leaned in to hug her (Gina) and Genevieve wrapped her other arm (not the one she was holding on to Gina with) around my back. It was a cute little group hug. I want to freeze that. I want to stay here. I know there's much to be said about walking and talking and learning and growing. ... but I like this very, very much. And I'm smart. I know what earrings mean. Earrings mean accessories, and accessories mean matching outfits, and matching outfits mean looking good and looking good is in order to impress and impressing usually equates with the opposite sex and the opposite sex leads to dating. Dating leads to boys and boys scare me because boys lead to marriage and moving out and leaving me. ... when did this happen. When did I become the stereotypical father of little girls? I sound like the villain in a country song. I am lost. ... Kyle Robert Kopp is no more. Only Daddy remains.

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